We at ByTheSea Productions Inc. produce quality Documentaries, Music Videos, Stock Footage, Manifesto Videos and Web content that reflect our passion for the sun, sea, and sand. Utilizing highly qualified land, aerial, and underwater crews, every ByTheSea production takes you on a journey through the most picturesque locations. Stunning vistas, crisp action, and vibrant colors are a trademark of ByTheSea.

Founded in 2010 and registered in 2014, ByTheSea is the brainchild of Tamara Benitez, a Cinematographer turned Surfer, turned Producer.

ByTheSea has worked with several brands, including GoPro, Roxy, TV4Me, Skwala, Surfista Travels, Nivea, Lagu, Jeep and Ford.

Based half in Metro Manila, and half in Subic Bay, ByTheSea literally has one foot in the sea, and one foot in the city, bringing you the best of both worlds.


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TAMARA BENITEZ is a Cinematographer, Surfer, and Producer. She is an Athlete for Roxy Philippines, a Brand Ambassador for GoPro Philippines, and an avid Surfer, Scuba-diver and Traveler. Mara has been working in the film industry for over 10 years. She shoots, edits, and colors most of the videos at ByTheSea.


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MARTIN AVILES is an award-winning Director, Editor, Surfer, and Musician. He did his time in the advertising industry and is now focusing more on Feature Films, Documentaries, and the occasional Music Video. Martin is the lead guitarist of Indio I, a popular rock/reggae band sponsored by Quiksilver Philippines.


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CARINA ESCUDERO is an Underwater Cinematographer, Environmentalist, Scuba Instructor, and Protector of Whalesharks. She runs Reef Check Philippines, the local arm of the environmental NGO that monitors the state of the reefs worldwide. On her off time, Carina lends us her over-30 years of experience in the water and contributes to our stock footage vault.


We can produce anything, really. Right now we’re focusing on things we love. If it brings us outdoors, out of town, by the sea, or on the water, we’re more likely to work on it.

This year we are focused more on travel videos and enviro-surf films. Early 2016 sees us producing content for TV4Me, and in late 2016, we’ll be releasing our first feature-length enviro-surf documentary.

ByTheSea is not all sun and surf, though. A large chunk of our work year is dedicated to shooting industrial projects, both local and international.


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