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ByTheSea’s Underwater Team is a flexible collection of highly capable water-people. From Surfers to Dive Instructors to Mermaids, ByTheSea can provide for most of your underwater cinematography needs.

CARINA ESCUDERO is an Underwater Cinematographer, Environmentalist, Scuba Instructor, and Protector of Whalesharks. She runs Reef Check Philippines, the local arm of the environmental NGO that monitors the state of the reefs worldwide. On her off time, Carina lends us her over-30 years of experience in the water and contributes to our stock footage vault.

TAMARA BENITEZ is a Cinematographer, Surfer, and Producer. She is an Athlete for Roxy Philippines, a Brand Ambassador for GoPro Philippines, and an avid Surfer, Scuba-Diver and Traveler. Mara has been working in the film industry for over 10 years. She shoots, edits, and colors most of the videos at ByTheSea.

For a quick look at Underwater Videos produced by ByTheSea, check out this link.




ByTheSea works just as well on land as in the water. Whether biking through mountain trails, trudging through distant cities, or climbing the side of a crane, we manage our inland productions with the same ease as we would a seaside production.

Corporate AVPs have always been our bread and butter, and that still holds true today. We are currently building our reel for land productions, so for now, here is our master Demo Reel.



ByTheSea flies a Tarot hexacopter outfitted with the latest GoPro Hero camera and a 3D gimbal for ultra-stable footage in high wind conditions.

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